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About The OKtiny House

Well, there’s not much about to write about our tiny house just yet since we haven’t started yet. I wrote about failure and our next steps here: https://oktiny.com/failure/

For now, why I don’t I indulgently talk about myself? I happen to be an expert on the topic.

Before we get too deep into it, my name probably throws you off. It’s not pronounced like Carol. Unfortunately, I have never known what it’s like to be a woman which would save me the trouble of correcting daily mispronunciations. You can call me Karl or Carl. Or, if you want to get technical, you gotta roll your “r” and say kah-roll.

I was born in Poland, hence the spelling.

I grew up in Michigan, but left in 2004 for warmer and more interesting pastures. In 2009 I got rid of everything that didn’t fit in a 32L backpack and began traveling the world. First to Australia, then New Zealand, then India, then Thailand, and on and on across 30 or so countries. Today I fit almost everything in a 36L backpack and a messenger bag. But now that we’ve started settling down I also practice the art of “make, buy used, and give away or resell” so I can have things like bikes and blenders and furniture. I’ve actually made most of the furniture in our apartment — bed, shelves, tables — with just 3 battery powered power tools and my burgeoning woodworking skills.

Where will be build our home? My preference is near Austin, TX or Raleigh, NC, but we’re also thinking about other possibilities.

We’re already well-suited to the tiny lifestyle, and I even wrote a book about minimalism called the Luxury of Less in 2010. I wouldn’t recommend you read it, because the writing is poor. So poor that I made the price absurd on Amazon so nobody would buy it. I’m sure you can find a pirated copy somewhere and you’re free to do so if you really want to. Note that I disagree with a lot of what I wrote in the book, but it would take a whole new book to describe my current minimalist philosophies.

Anyway, I feel like living in a tiny house is the logical next step towards a minimalist path. We currently live in a small apartment, and I don’t think getting down to 120-200 square feet will be all that difficult considering all the wasted space in our current home. (As is the case in most cookie cutter apartments.)

A few closing notes:

I’ve been working for myself online since the year 2000 and I also have a personal blog: http://karol.gajda.com.

As such, I’ve spent too much time in front of a computer in my life so my only real goal with the logistics of our tiny house is that I want to get out there and build it myself. That might throw some kinks into the situation (we have no land and no place to build, and the legalities of living in a tiny in the city are murky at best). But it’s a project I feel compelled to do alone, besides designing the interior, which my wife will mostly take care of. We’re not rich, but I’ll keep you updated about how we’ll fund it.

Questions? Ask away.