OKtiny.com – A Tiny House Journey

Yay! You did it! High five!

Please check your e-mail for an e-mail from Karol Gajda with the subject: “Your OKTiny.com Tiny House Bundle 2017 login password”

That’ll be your unique password to download the Spring 2017 Tiny House Bundle. Woohoo!

Note #1

Please be patient. My web server is getting slammed with orders and visitors right now so it may take some time for your email to arrive. Usually it only takes a minute, but sometimes it can take 30. My sincere apologies, but technology is not perfect.

Note #2

Once you get your login password please, if you are having trouble logging in, it is your device or web browser that is at fault. I recommend using a computer instead of a smartphone. And I recommend using Chrome or Firefox web browsers. I promise your password works. I am happy to help you, but I am backed up with support requests so please be patient if I don’t get back with you quickly.

If you have tried everything and have any problems please e-mail me: karolgajda@gmail.com

Thank you so much!